What You Need to Know About Lead Nurturing

by B2B Lead Roundtable


lead nurturing

In a post for B2B Lead blog, Brian Carroll discusses lead nurturing and answers several frequently asked questions on the topic.

What if salespeople have differing opinions about what a lead is?

Carroll suggests gathering your best salespeople together to create a Universal Lead Definition (ULD).

What’s the difference between an inquiry and a qualified lead?

“A qualified lead fulfills the ULD established by you and your sales team. A qualified lead is ready to talk to Sales; an inquiry is not,” he writes.

What defines a stale lead?

Carroll says it’s someone who has not been engaged recently.

“Look at leads in your CRM that have been unopened or unedited in the last three to six months,” he writes.

How do you recommend finding time for the sales team to keep up with new leads?

Carroll says alignment with your sales team is critical.

“If your team doesn’t have time to follow up, you may be sending leads that aren’t qualified enough,” he writes. “Maximize the team’s effective selling time.”

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