What Startups Can Learn from … the Mob?

by peHUB

Most business consultants come from traditional backgrounds, usually having operated a business themselves or learned about the tools needed in a professional environment.

Former mob affiliate Louis Ferrante certainly doesn’t fall into this category. His background is filled with illegal activities, including car theft and loansharking. Following an eight-year stint in jail, Ferrante has since cleaned up his act. In his new book, “Mob Rules,” he shares a few lessons learned from his time with the mob that can also help the “legitimate” businessperson.

Avoiding in-house dramatics and office politics is one bit of advice that Ferrante stressed. When Sammy “The Bull” Gravano was moving up the mob ranks, Ferrante was advised to stay away from him. Following Gravano’s arrest and subsequent decision to become a federal informant, all of the people that disassociated themselves from with him proved to have been wise in their thinking.

The average businessperson will (most likely) never have to worry about a federal crackdown or being extorted. Still, there are constructive lessons about topics ranging from business growth strategies to product positioning (and ethics, too), all from the mob. For more mob lessons, read the full interview with Ferrante from peHUB’s Connie Loizos.