What Small Businesses May Dislike About the New Facebook

by Convince and Convert



In a post for Convince and Convert, Jay Baer outlines sevearl ways the new Facebook is hurting small businesses. By going public and introducing Timeline, Baer says, Facebook has made it more burdenson for small businesses who want to utilize the social network to connecting with customers.

Prohibition on Cover Promotion

Baer says since Facebook wants businesses to act and interact like people, they’ve banned promotional language on the Cover image.

“Creating emotional connections is a luxury that is out of reach for small businesses where the Facebook page manager is doing so on her lunchbreak,” he writes.

Death of the Landing Tab

The one area where small businesses could excel in “old” Facebook, the default landing tab, is gone.

The tab, Baer says, made it relatively easy to drive fan behavior – especially when using inexpensive software.

Pinning and Starring

For small business, having to now not only figure out what to post to Facebook but also what to star and pin creates additional editorial calendar pressure and complexity that many are unprepared or under resourced to tackle, Baer says.

Direct Messages

Baer says while this may seem commendable, for small business it’s now one more “inbox” that must be monitored and responded to in as close to real-time as possible.

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For more on the new Facebook, read Baer’s full post here.