What Should Be Covered in Lead Qual Training? Sample Agenda

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Assuming you can answer all of the questions in OpenView’s newest infographic, you are ready to launch a lead qual team. Congrats!

In previous posts, I’ve written about almost all of the aspects of launching this type of team within your organization — from developing the best conversation guides to getting the right lead qual manager in place. One thing that I have yet to write about, that I feel could be beneficial for our readers who are building out this capability internally, is the training program itself.

Overlooking a thorough yet concise lead qual training agenda can set your effort back weeks, if not months.

Below is a sample first week training schedule for your team to use as a baseline.

Please note:

  • There is very minimal product training – spend more time instead focusing on the VALUE PROPOSITION and the buyer personas
  • By the 3rd day, the reps are on the phones (if you’ve done your pre-work, and you’ve got the right assets/messaging in place, this is realistic…I promise)
  • End of day and week retrospectives need to become a part of our team’s culture, starting in week 1 (what went well, what didn’t go well, how can we improve moving forward)
  • This agenda is not the end all, be all… the goal is to get you thinking about the best topics to cover! 

Day 1StartEnd
HR Paperwork, etc.8:009:00
Company Overview – Goals, Intros, etc.9:0010:00
Product Overview – Past, Present, Future10:3011:00
Product High-Level Demo11:0012:00
Target Vertical Overview1:001:30
Current Customer Use Case/ Overview1:302:30
Industry/Market Overview3:004:00
Team Introductions4:005:00
End of Day Reflection5:005:15
Day 2
Daily, Weekly, Quarterly Goals and Responsibilities8:309:00
Model Day for Success9:009:30
Sales Methodology and Process9:3010:00
The Handoff Process10:0010:30
Competitive Landscape11:0012:00
CRM Training1:002:30
Call Script Walk Through, Value Prop Clarity2:453:30
Common Objections and FAQs, Content3:304:00
Buyer Personas, Pains and Gains4:005:00
End of Day Reflection5:005:15
Day 3
Day 1 and 2 Recap8:309:00
CRM Quiz9:0010:00
Role Playing10:0011:00
Call Shadowing11:0012:00
On the Phones (Manager Shadowing)1:005:00
End of Day Reflection5:005:15
Day 4
Goals for the Day, Questions8:459:00
Role Playing9:0010:00
On the Phone Following Model Day10:004:00
End of Day Reflection4:005:00
Day 5
Goals for the Day, Questions8:459:00
Role Playing9:0010:00
On the Phone Following Model Day10:004:00
End of Week Retrospective4:005:00

ALSO keep in mind:

  • For each agenda item, there should be a person designated as being responsible for the session
    • Include others from within your organization to lead certain sessions to break up the monotony and to create introductions
      • This is a good idea as long as the participants are aware of the team’s goals and what they should and should NOT cover (avoid distraction/confusion)
    • Everyone involved with training should be informed at least a week earlier than the start date, and should have it logged in their calendar
  • Design an ongoing training agenda post Week 1
    • Role playing and call shadowing with management is key in the first month of launching this team
      • Include role-playing in the new hires’ schedule a minimum of twice a week
    • Many of the teams that I work with have a mid-week training session
      • Sample training items: objections, competitive landscape, product (be careful that technical talk does not distract the team and get them talking TOO much about features/benefits in their intro conversations!)
  • Encourage your team to apply a model day for success starting in Week 2

 Good luck, and happy hunting!