What Separates a Good Recruiter from a Great One?

by ERE

There are few lifelong recruiters in the world.

Being in the recruiting industry is just a holdover for most employees, until they find a position that they are more interested in. Everyone has aspirations and most people don’t aspire to be recruiters. This creates a pervasive problem in the industry, making it impossible to see much employee development in recruiting professionals.

So how do you know when someone is a good recruiter or a great recruiter? Usually, their personal traits make them a perfect fit for the job. They take a deep and sincere interest in people and understand their importance. They are also interested in learning about how to better perform in their position, often reading about developments in the industry and studying recruiting tips.

The best recruiters are interested in proving their worth and beating the competition for the best hires. And that’s the true mark of a great recruiter. For more information on this subject, read the full article by Kevin Wheeler.