What is the Role of the Outbound Prospecting Manager?

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This is a part of a series that was cre­at­ed to help you get the prac­tice of out­bound prospect­ing built into your com­pany.  This series will walk through the process, nec­es­sary roles, in addi­tion to guides for each role to help your com­pany get started quickly.

As the manager of a team of outbound prospectors, it is imperative that many processes and tasks are completed/in motion before your reps start dialing. Launching an outbound prospecting initiative is not as simple as hiring a cold-caller, giving them a list/computer/phone, and saying, “Start calling!”

Use this checklist as a guide to stay on track when kicking off this initiative.

If you are able to ensure all of the following points have been accomplished, your team is highly likely to be successful.

  • You have chosen the automated platform that best suits your business needs.
  • Target personas (both users and buyers) have been identified.
  • You have defined “qualified leads” and “opportunities.”
  • You have established the metrics that your team will be accountable for.
  • You have created your first campaign.
  • All necessary content has been created to support your team’s efforts.
  • You have successfully hired a team of skilled business development representatives.
  • You have a customized training schedule prepared for your new hires, and all content/resources necessary for training.
  • Your team is engaged and eager to hit their established metrics.
  • A model day for success has been developed and you and your team members are committed to following the schedule.
  • There is a defined process for converting leads into opportunities and the business development reps and sales teams are educated on the conversion best practices.
  • You are checking, reflecting, reviewing, and adjusting on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis.
  • You have developed a weekly and quarterly report template to present to the CEO/executive team.

Next week, I will share a guide to help the outbound prospecting manager stay focused while achieving success during this process.

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