What is the Blogging Administrator Responsible for?

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For the blogging program to get off the ground and thrive, there must be buy-in from both the top and the bottom on the importance of the initiative, along with agreement on what must be prioritized to maintain high quality and continual growth. It is your responsibility to convey these messages to the company.

Use the following checklist to ensure that this effort will have the greatest probability of success.

As the blogging administrator, it is up to you to make sure that the executive team and the employee bloggers are following through on their checklists as well.

  • All of the items on the CEO/executive team checklist have been checked.
  • You have selected a blogging platform that suits your company’s needs and goals.
  • You have distributed descriptions of your company’s target personas to employee bloggers to help them focus on the appropriate audience when writing their blog posts.
  • You have developed a list of target keywords that best represent your business and have distributed it to the employee bloggers.
  • You have a comprehensive training program/schedule in place to teach employees blogging best practices.
  • Your bloggers are engaged and understand what it will take on their end for the initiative to be successful.
  • You have designed a reporting schedule and rhythm to motivate the bloggers with results.
  • You are educated on SEO best practices and have shown the employees how they can attract more visitors to their blogs through search engines.
  • You are marketing the corporate blog through numerous marketing channels and various social media sites.
  • Your team is aware of how the blog can be used as a successful lead generation tool.
  • All of the employee bloggers have successfully completed their employee blogger checklists.
  • You are constantly checking, reflecting, reviewing, and adjusting techniques on a weekly and quarterly basis to continuously improve the blogging effort.
  • You are presenting a comprehensive and customized report to your CEO and/or executive team on a quarterly basis.

Next week, I’ll discuss the important steps for the blogging administrator to take in order to launch a successful blogging initiative.

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