What Employee Bloggers Can Do to Get Started

Devon-McDonald by

This is a part of a series that was created to help you get the practice of corporate blogging built into your company. This series will walk through the process, necessary roles, in addition to guides for each role to help your company get started quickly. The following several posts make up a quick start guide for the employee bloggers.

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Depending on what blogging platform your company has chosen, you will be receiving an informational guide as well as training to cover the basics.

Key concepts covered will include:

  1. Introduction to Blogging
  2. Definition of Roles
  3. User Expectations
  4. Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging
  5. Suggested Resources for Blogging Topics/Themes
  6. How to Use Keywords and Why They Matter
  7. Resources for Blog Improvement and Topic Ideas
  8. Selected Platform Overview
    1. Initial Login and Account Setup
    2. Creating a Blog Post
    3. Adding Links/Graphics
    4. Additional Features
  9. How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog
  10. SEO Tips and Tricks
  11. Q&A

Next week I’ll discuss about the target audience personas.