What Corporate Blogging is and what it Means to Marketing

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Corporate blogging is a precise tool for the delivery of updated content.

With corporate blogging, your team of bloggers (or your single, overworked blogger) can compile a go-to resource for many of your current and future customers. Many companies realize this and have already incorporated it into their day-to-day operations. Blogging is a way of life for these businesses. What is the allure in all of this?

For one, corporate blogging is mutually beneficial for customer and company. Both parties benefit from its creation and rapid consumption. Say you create a compelling post about a subject near the heart of your ideal customer. When they come across it on your website, they’ll be pleased, but more importantly, they’ll be likely to disseminate it to their network. In essence, content can act as a promotional tool and a resource.

Corporate blogging should play a large role in your content marketing strategy if you intend to balance your overall online marketing strategy. Watch the full video from OpenView Labs for more on corporate blogging.