The War for Talent: Why Small Companies Will Win

by Inc.

There’s a war on. A war in which the most effective weapon is company culture. And to the winner goes the spoils of a rare and valuable resource: young tech talent.

“Even with high unemployment, companies are having trouble hiring top talent,” writes’s John McDermott. More specifically, it’s tech talent that many organizations are having a hard time hiring and competitively recruiting for. According to Andrew Winston, a former Boston Consulting Group employee and environmental business strategy author, “Company culture is key to attracting workers, especially for those new to the workforce.”

If culture is perhaps the key determining factor, what companies are best positioned to win the war for talent? “Winston also argued that small and medium-size businesses have the best opportunity,” McDermott writes, “because they have the flexibility to change more quickly, offering workers a more dynamic, innovative environment.” That’s good news for startups and expansion-stage companies, but that also means their recruitment efforts need to be focused around a well-defined and integrated company culture.