Visualizing the Art of the Sale: 5 Amazing Sales Infographics

5) The Best Practices for Lead Response Management by

The lead qualification teams I work with are always asking me: When is the best time to call? This inforgraphic from provides answers. After three years of collecting data, the results are in, and it looks like the best time for qualifiers to reach out is between 4pm – 5pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Whether or not that data truly holds up across various industries, perhaps the most helpful finding illustrated here is qualifiers’ chances of making contact increase to 90% after six call attempts – a good lesson in persistence, especially for those 44% of reps who gave up after one cold call rejection!

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  • StartUpJerkFest

    Hey Devon, we’re you as offended as I was, that most of these infographics show sales to be a mans world? I guess those wimmen don’t know nuttin about sales & should just stay barefoot & pregnant in the kitchen where they belong! Nice looking infographics, but the male only narrative in all but one really turned me off, and I don’t want to read all the details anymore.

  • emma

    Hey there. I really liked this blog post…