Visualizing the Art of the Sale: 5 Amazing Sales Infographics

by Devon McDonald

Visualizing the Art of the Sale: 5 Amazing Sales Infographics

by Devon McDonald

These five sales infographics bring new meaning to “the art of the sale.”

5 amazing sales infographics

Sales may be an art, but at the expansion stage it’s an art that has to deliver — quickly and consistently. Expansion-stage companies depend on highly functioning sales teams to generate revenue and fuel their growth, but it’s up to management to hire the best personnel and provide them with the right structure, motivation, and tools to set them up for success.

It’s a significant challenge, and unfortunately there’s not a lot of room for trial and error. That’s why we’ve put together this list of five sales infographics, offering illuminating tips on sales manager time management, how to hire top performing sales people, and the secret to mastering sales lead qualification.

Read on for keys to pushing your sales strategies — and your company — to the next level.



Devon McDonald is a Partner at OpenView, where she sits on the firm’s investment committee and oversees OpenView’s Growth team, a group of Research, Sales and Marketing Strategists responsible for helping its portfolio companies acquire more customers and scale at...

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  • Hey Devon, we’re you as offended as I was, that most of these infographics show sales to be a mans world? I guess those wimmen don’t know nuttin about sales & should just stay barefoot & pregnant in the kitchen where they belong! Nice looking infographics, but the male only narrative in all but one really turned me off, and I don’t want to read all the details anymore.

  • Hey there. I really liked this blog post…