Webinar: Top 6 Free Sales Prospecting Tools You Need to Use

Want to take your sales and prospecting teams to the next level at no cost to your company?

free sales prospecting tools

The Top Free Sales Prospecting Tools

Kyle Porter of SalesLoft joins OpenView’s Devon McDonald and CeCe Bazar in this 45min webinar covering the top free tools your sales team needs to use to boost your performance and increase your efficiency.


Never Stop Getting Out of the Building

Attention SaaS Companies: Do your customers a favor — step away from the computer and make a habit of getting out of the building!

Busy burning the midnight oil in order to develop the newest and best product features? Well, guess what? You’re probably not doing them, or yourself, any favors. In this video Brant Cooper and Peter Vlaskovits, authors of the bestselling book, The Lean Entrepreneur, explain why you can’t put an end to customer development just because you’ve got a minimum viable product and big investor check. Instead, you need to (continue to) get out of the building.


Need to Drive Social Traffic? Remember it’s a Two-Way Street

Triberr co-founder Dan Cristo explains how his product can help you create a community that will drive social traffic to your content.

Need to drive traffic to your website? Turns out life online isn’t all that different than it is off. Building the right relationships can significantly help your content get seen. Just like it works with friends and family, when your helpful, knowledgeable and engaging you’re far more likely to receive a positive return on your behavior. Dan Cristo, co-founder of Triberr, explains how his product can be an ideal vehicle to help you carry out that process.


Remember What You’re Selling In Your Software Agreement

As customers try to protect themselves against risk, they may ask you to include insurance, so know what you’re getting into with your software agreement.

While customers would certainly prefer it, you are not a one stop shop. Your SaaS company will provide them with an infrastructure to help them with their needs, but the risks they are taking in their own business is, well, their business. Software attorney Jeremy Aber says to be careful if customers ask you to provide insurance as a part of their software agreement.


Successfully Managing an Outbound Lead Generation Team

While you should be carefully monitoring metrics, effective lead generation team management will use leverage them as motivation for the larger goal.

While it’s obviously important for your team to be making and keeping up with their daily and weekly call quotas, it’s all too easy for your reps to quickly become bogged down in that monotony. That’s why Devon McDonald, OpenView’s Director of Sales and Marketing, says successful lead generation team management requires you to take a broader view. 


Need to Improve Your Content Sharing and Visibility? Try Triberr

Not sure the best way to get seen? Triberr provides a sharing platform that can take your content to new heights.

Content creation is only half the battle. In order to have the desired impact, that content needs to actually reach the eyes and ears of your target audiences. There are, of course, many ways to go about this, but Triberr offers a new and unique spin on promoting your content. In this video co-founder Dan Cristo explains why his platform can provide the boost in content sharing and visibility you seek.


Trust Sites: What They Are and Why You Need One

Sure, customers are buying your software or service, but they’re also trusting that you’ll take care of their precious information. Today’s leading software companies realize this, and that’s why many are developing trust sites.

The odds are you’re software or service isn’t the only product on the market that’s going to solve a customers’ needs. So when it comes to the sales process, you need something that will give you an edge on your competition. Software attorney Jeremy Aber says a trust site is just the thing to show customers you’re the partner they want.


What's the Best Way to Train a New Outbound Lead Generation Team?

Even if you’ve hired a great manager and have a team of hungry reps, developing great lead generation team training is paramount to the group’s success.

There are a lot of factors that go into the success of your lead generation team, but Devon McDonald, Director of Sales and Marketing Support at OpenView, cautions you not to overlook the importance of lead generation team training.