Getting Attention in 15 Seconds: How to Turn Any Cold Call into a Warm One (Webinar)

Struggling to get prospects to give you the time of day? In this webinar, renowned sales executive and entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman shares a simple cold calling structure that can dramatically warm up your prospecting efforts.

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How to Warm Up Cold Calls

When you call a new prospect — someone who isn’t aware of you, your company, or your product — you generally have less than 30 seconds to convince that person to do something other than politely tell you to take a hike. That’s a tight window to fit a powerful, personal, and engaging message into, but sales executive, author, and serial entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman says it can be done – and very often in just 15 seconds if you do it right.


The Story Behind ExactTarget’s Outbound Lead Generation Team

Wondering if you should augment your sales team? The origin story of how ExactTarget succeeded in establishing outbound lead generation might help answer some of your questions.

To lead generate or not to lead generate? We’re pretty sure that was Shakespeare’s original draft, before he decided to impress the apple of his eye. Clearly he was a visionary, as many businesses still struggle with that question today. Luckily, Christy Weymouth, Senior Marketing Manager at ExactTarget, is here to explain the reasons that spurred the creation of the company’s wildly successful outbound lead generation team.


Want Better Customers? Try Making Things Difficult

It might go against every entrepreneurial bone in your body, but trying the “high hurdle” customer development experiment can yield powerful results.

It’s not always a good idea to kick well-developed UX best practices to the curb. Then again, you weren’t drawn into the entrepreneurial universe because you like following all the rules. Which is exactly why Brant Cooper and Peter Vlaskovits, authors of The Lean Entrepreneur, are such avid proponents of the “high hurdle” — a customer development experiment that flies in the face of convention.


Why Coaching is So Essential to Outbound Lead Generation

Your young reps are chomping at the bit to get ahead, so make sure to take advantage of that drive by enhancing your lead generation coaching.

Even though your lead generation reps have more conversations with clients and prospects than anyone else in your organization, they tend to be overlooked. But the often thankless job is likely to attract eager young talent, who are extremely excited to grow their careers. In order to do so, however, they realize they need mentorship, which is why Steve Richard, co-founder of Vorsight, says lead generation coaching is so important not only to them, but to your business.


Succeeding in a Crowded Market: Don’t Psych Yourself Out

Giants like Google, Facebook and Zappos are proof that succeeding in a crowded market is well within reach.

As you might imagine, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to entering a busy market. But just because you didn’t blaze the trail, doesn’t mean the road is now barren. Daniel Cristo, co-founder of Triberr, explains that as long as you’re cognizant of the pluses and minuses of your position, they can be the key to succeeding in a crowded market.


What Metrics Should You Track to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Outbound Lead Generation Team?

Not sure what to track? OpenView’s Devon McDonald identifies the lead generation metrics you need to determine the effectiveness of your team.

As you monitor the progress of your team, it’s important to choose the right lead generation metrics to stay abreast of what’s going on. According to Devon McDonald, Director of Sales and Marketing for OpenView, the best metrics might be simpler than you think.


Improve Your Product Roadmap with Smart Customer Segmentation

The Importance of Segmenting Your Customers

The sooner you realize that not all customers are created equal, the sooner you can maximize revenue. Start segmenting your customers today. 

Have you noticed your customer acquisition starting to plateau? It’s a problem Brant Cooper and Peter Vlaskovits, authors of The Lean Entrepreneuer, encounter often among SaaS companies. But it turns out the root of the problem is generally easily explained. Spending time segmenting your customers will allow you to quickly get back on the growth path.


B2B Buying Behavior: How To Adapt to Changing Mindsets

Access to more information than ever before is changing B2B buying behavior, meaning your marketing needs to take a proactive approach.

Times they are a changin’. When potential customers need answers about a product or service, they’re no longer likely to reach out to a sales rep. In fact, placing a call to your sales team is probably the last thing they’ll do, once they’ve already completed their research. But this B2B buying behavior doesn’t mean you’re doomed, say April Dunford and Amrita Chandra of RocketScope, it just means you’ve got to alter your approach.