How Often Should You Be Coaching Lead Generation Reps?

When it comes to coaching lead generation reps, it turns out there IS a magic number.

It goes without saying, but everyone on your team is busy with their day-to-day duties, yourself included. But even though it’s all too easy for something to push coaching sessions to the side, it’s in no one’s interest to let that happen. Since it’s always easier to accomplish a goal when you know what you’re shooting for, Steve Richard, co-founder of Vorsight, is here to divulge exactly how much time you should be dedicating to coaching lead generation reps each month.


Common Scalability Challenges: Are You Investing in the Right Things to Fuel Smart Growth?

Your company may have the market, product, and strategy in place to drive growth, but if it doesn’t properly manage these three scalability challenges, it could derail the business entirely.

When it comes to scaling a software company, there are three key components that businesses must consider before they step on the gas: People, process, and technology. And while each of those components has its own unique challenges, AtTask CTO Ted Hoy says in the video below that the biggest scalability challenge isn’t to find solutions for each of those components. Rather, it’s to deploy those components in a way that doesn’t burden your organization financially or culturally.


Why Software Companies Need to Adopt a Services Mindset

Think your software company’s only responsibility is to build a product and sell it to the end user? Think again.

As more technology businesses begin to adopt a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, AKF Partners co-founders Marty Abbott and Mike Fisher say those companies must also undergo a significant product mindset shift.


A Valuable Lean Entrepreneur Example From the Unlikeliest of Places

It’s important to look for lessons beyond software companies, and the success story of this against-all-odds pizzeria is a prime example.

While every entrepreneur is wise to keep tabs on their own and similar markets for inspiration, don’t discount the value that can be found in seemingly unrelated fields. Brant Cooper and Peter Vlaskovits, authors of the bestselling book, The Lean Entrepreneur, detail one of their favorites in this video. Starting with next to nothing, the man behind this San Diego pizza restaurant is the ultimate example of a lean entrepreneur.


Show Me the Money: Sales Compensation Plans that Won't Fail (Webinar)

Sales strategy consultant Michael Hanna shares the keys to designing and implementing a sales compensation plan that keeps your team focused and motivated.

Show Me the Money Webinar Cover

How to Design a Sales Compensation Plan that’s Right for Your Team

Compensation plans are extremely powerful tools for influencing sales results — but only when done right. If done incorrectly, they can back-fire and even demotivate and distract your sales team.

In this webinar, OpenView’s Devon McDonald and CeCe Bazar are joined by sales strategy consultant Michael Hanna to tackle the frequently-asked question, “How do I design an effective compensation package for my sales team?”


The Right Lead Generation Metrics, Quotas, and Goals to Track

You don’t have a prayer of gauging your lead generation team’s true progress if you don’t know which metrics to track. The good news? There’s absolutely no reason to make things complicated.

When you think about it, a lead generation team practically operates on a tally system. Make a call, make a tally. Create a connection, make a tally. Schedule an appointment, make a tally. When it comes to effectively tracking your lead generation efforts, the important thing, says ExactTarget’s Christy Weymouth, is to make the right tallies and have strong — if ambitious — goals for your team.


Why Freemium Isn’t For Everyone

The fact of the matter is, freemium will only work for you if your product lends itself to a very specific set of circumstances.

If it sounds too good to be true, well, it just might be. Even if you know similar companies are offering a freemium model for their SaaS service with spectacular results, you still obviously can’t just roll out your own model and expect the same.


Why Founding a Business with Friends is a Bad Idea

Think starting a business with your friends will be fun? Think again. Triberr co-founder Daniel Cristo shares his take on what really makes the best partnerships and why it’s such a crucial decision.

Sometimes things become a cliché for a reason, like not mixing business with pleasure. That’s because combining the two doesn’t rarely leads to success in either realm. So if you’re thinking of starting a business with your close knit circle of friends, watch this video with Triberr co-founder Daniel Cristo to really consider what you’re getting into.