Video Content Management Marketing Made Easy!

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Reality Digital just released an exceptional video content management product, Spotlight, that allows anyone with videos to easily manage them, add video widgets to their website or other websites, and to syndicate the videos to places like YouTube. As their venture capital firm, we are both excited by their new product and excited to start using their new product!

From a venture capital firm with significant business development services, we believe that web video experiences are important to most if not all growth company websites and we are looking forward to seeing these experiences continue to grow. Videos on your website should help you to:

  • Improve communications of competitive positioning and competitive advantage
  • Improve your technical support system, by allowing your customers to view video content that addresses their issues and train them on the use cases that you designed your product to address
  • Allow for recruiting support by helping to better communicate the employee experience and employment value proposition of your company to prospective employees
  • Help with general content management marketing and influence marketing
  • Get the right content set up so that your company can both offer it and mention it in social media marketing programs (our firm view is that content creation and management is the foundation of great social media marketing)

Take a look at Spotlight’s 30 day free trial offer and give it a try!