Using Social Media to Build Your Platform

by Chris Brogan


social media

In a post for his blog, Chris Brogan offers up the first part of his series ‘Build Your Platform.”

“If you seek to make an impact in 2012 and beyond, the time has come to think seriously about your digital presence,” he writes. “The goal of building your platform is to create useful information, to select the best possible media to package and deliver that information.”

The key, he says, is to offer content that can solve problems, feed customer desire and  satisfying their insecurities.

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Choose Your Media

Brogan says, due to the explosion of tablet and smartphone use, customers are signaling that they want to consume more media, video and briefs of information.

Choose Distribution Technologies

Brogan suggests choosing a mix of distribution methods, including blogs, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, email marketing, Pinterest or a newsletter.

Encourage Interactions

“If you don’t make it easy for people to comment, to reply, to engage with you, you’re putting a gate up between you and potential buyers,” he writes.

Drive Towards Target Results

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Brogan advises to encourage bookmarking, signups to your blog’s RSS feed, and newsletter signups in your posts and updates.

For more tips on building a platform, read Brogan’s full post here.