User Experience ROI Is Getting It Right the First Time


A better product, right from the start: that’s what you can expect from user experience ROI. Save your development time for new work instead of costly, tedious rework.

Dr. Susan Weinschenk, founder of the Weinschenk Institute, explains the value of user experience ROI in this animated video. Drawing on data from an IEEE report, Weinschenk says that the “amount of money that is spent worldwide in information technology is estimated at one trillion dollars a year,” but the “amount of time that programmers spend on rework that is actually avoidable is 50 percent of their time.”

Plus, that same study concluded that “the cost of fixing an error after development is 100 times that of fixing an error before development of the project is completed,” and three of the top 12 reasons why projects fail are related to user experience.

By investing in user experience from a product’s inception, you nip problems in the bud before your engineers have to spend countless hours going over code to make fixes and alterations – not to mention the fact that you minimize the risk of your project failing altogether. The hours your development team saves represents a huge user experience ROI.

Photo by: andrechinn

Director of Analytics and Search