UX-ceptional: 5 User Experience Infographics You Need to See

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Now more than ever, top notch user experience isn’t just a competitive advantage, it’s the difference between failure and success.

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In the past decade, companies like Apple have taken user experience to a whole new level, and as a result the bar has been raised for everyone else. Users now expect an easy-to-navigate interface and flawless user experience from every product and company – and, yes, that even includes B2B. Subpar user experience is an anchor that can drag down even the most promising products.

Great user experience, on the other hand, can engage, empower, and turn users into advocates. These five infographics will provide you with the tips, info, and questions to ask to set you on the right track. Read on.

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    FYI, a PowerPoint bullet list with accompanying illustrations does not an “infographic” make. Please read some Tufte.