How to Use Content to Guide Customers Down the Path to Purchase

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With prospective customers seeking out more and more information on their own it’s becoming increasingly critical for companies to use content as a tool to help move them forward in the buying process.

“Buyers are largely self-educating these days,” says Stephanie Tilton, principal of Ten Ton Marketing, an agency that focuses on helping B2B companies advance their buying cycles via content. “They know they can find a lot of information online before they make a purchase,” and perhaps as a consequence “prospects are holding sales reps at arm’s length until relatively late in the buying process.”

In this video interview with OpenView, Tilton argues that it is therefore a company’s content that is largely responsible for moving a prospect from awareness to consideration, and as such it is imperative that companies make compelling information available and easily discoverable. The keys, Tilton says, are for companies to strive to understand their audiences — their pains, aspirations, and goals — think about experience they want prospects to have, and to make sure they’re using their content to consciously walk the prospective buyer through each step of the buying process. For more advice from Stephanie on using content to connect with prospects and generate more leads, watch the short video.


B2B Content Marketing Consultant

  • Scott Sidman

    Terrific advice and insight here. – We have worked with Stephanie and Ten-Ton Marketing in the past for white paper help and have a tremendous amount of respect for her acumen.