Update Your Company Website Design with These 8 Rules

by Inc.

It’s time to update your company website design, starting with your about us page. Learn the best way to convince customers that you’re the solution they’re looking for.

company website design

Jeff Haden of Blackbird Media has eight ways to improve your company website design – specifically, your “About Us” page. Writing in Inc., Haden says that the About Us page on most company sites is one of the most visited pages, but that its design was “an afterthought.”

Since prospects visit the page “to make sure your company is the right choice,” the About Us page becomes “your website’s make or break page.” Haden recommends redesign the page, starting with content that targets the customer’s needs. After that, be sure to include facts instead of just glossy marketing terms. Keep your content honest and direct, and “be who you really are and make that your advantage.” Include actual photos of your company and your employees instead of stock images. Update the page to keep pace with your company’s new products, markets, and expertise. Expand these same principles throughout your company website design, and you’ll go a long toward convincing customers that “you’re the best choice.”