Unearthing Analytics for Content Marketing Opportunities

by Success Works

Mentioning analytics and content marketing opportunities in the same sentence will usually draw some dumbfounded expressions.

This is because there’s an apparent marketing disconnect between the two as co-dependents. Without analytics to measure your content marketing strategy, you would be hard-pressed to have any sort of analytical sense of how your content is performing. Conversely, without content, your metrics would have fewer things to measure.

George Passwater, SEO content marketer extraordinaire, offers an insightful take on the fusion of SEO and the creation of content marketing opportunities. In his eyes, there are a number of oft-unexplored ways to combine the two for bountiful results. Here are some ideas:

  • Use SEO keywords for story and content ideas. Whenever you need a topic, this can be a go-to resource with dual benefits.
  • Look at your email newsletter for valuable data. Not only will it be helpful for the newsletter itself, but it will also provide you information on the content that fills out the newsletter.

While not entirely revolutionary, combining analytics and content to create new opportunities is a frequently overlooked idea that can revitalize your content marketing. For more on finding the metrics that can create content marketing opportunities, read the full article by Passwater.