Understanding the Newly Empowered Employee

by Yammer


empowered employee

In a post for Yammer, Maria Ogneva writes about the rise of the empowered employee.

“The confluence of advances in social, mobile, and cloud technologies has begun to shift economic power from large-scale institutions to self-organizing individuals and loosely governed networks,” she writes.

Ogneva says brands have sprung to external social channels for the fear of being left behind and losing control of brand conversations.

But, she adds, you can’t create something meaningful without your employees and if your employees aren’t passionate and empowered to reach further in their jobs, how can you expect to give your customers the experience they need?

“Employees have long been using social tools and communicating with peers, friends, and family,” she writes. “The lines between consumer and employee are blurring and becoming more arbitrary.”

Ogneva says that in order to truly capture this opportunity, companies need to abandon their fear and figure out how they can work with their employees to harness their passions and sense of power.

There’s much to be gained, she says, including access to star resources, the ability to solve business problems that keep changing rapidly, and to boost service to customers who expect more.

“Employees tend to be more passionate about spaces that allow them to be themselves, and passion is one of the most underrated resources in business,” she writes.

Ogneva also advises companies to proactively listen to their employees and create environments for these kinds of behavior to sprout up. For more suggestions, read her full post here.

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