Two Recruiting Tasks to Accomplish Before Your Search

Diana-Martz by

Taking care of these two recruiting tasks first will improve your chances of landing the best candidate possible and save you time and resources in the process.


If you’re an expansion-stage company, chances are you need more top talent and you need it now. But before you dive in with another search, make sure you’ve accomplished these two critical tasks first.

Before launching a search you absolutely need to establish both the definition of and qualifications for the role, says OpenView Director of Talent Diana Martz in this short video. The best way to do so is by developing a full job score card outlining both hard skills and soft skills you believe are required.

One of the keys to recruiting success is making sure all invested parties are on the same page from the beginning. “As a hiring manager you want to make sure you’ve fully thought through the role,” Martz says. “And you want the recruiter who will be sourcing candidates to know exactly who they are looking for.”

So before you set out to find your next rock star team member, make sure your expectations and specifications are clear and firmly aligned.