Turn Your City into a Startup Magnet

by Fast Company

Startup communities do more than just spark innovation — they also create jobs, lure talent, and can help vitalize the cities they’re based in.

“Any city or town, no matter how small, can whip its startup scene into competitive shape,” argue Billy Warden and Greg Behr, cofounders of GBW Strategies, in a post for Fast Company. Warden and Behr have developed a three-step guide to cultivating an environment that entrepreneurs and innovators can thrive in. They call it R.U.N. – Rally around risk; Unlock assets; Network frequently and widely.

The goal of the three steps is to encourage communities to promote and engage in the startup support and development by tapping local resources such as universities and corporations and establishing networking programs and events. The rewards associated with building a vibrant local tech scene are certainly worth the effort. For more info, read the full post here.

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