Trim the Fat: 5 Tips for Productive Meetings

by Inc.

productive meetingsStop wasting precious time in rambling meetings. Learn five ways to trim the fat and have more productive meetings.

Chrysalis Ventures partner Alan Ying knows that productive meetings can seem like a myth. “As a venture capitalist,” Ying often hears “liberated entrepreneurs discuss their escapes from the treadmill of eye-rollingly lame meetings.” After a company progresses past the startup phase, meetings become more of a necessity.

To help your company have productive meetings, Ying recommends removing the “Big Company parts of meetings (‘bad bureaucracy’)” and adding “critical entrepreneurial elements (‘good bureaucracy’).” Ying then lists five ways to make your meetings more productive, including breaking meetings into two categories where founders only attend the “taste-testing” type, meeting individually with staff members before meetings to get a handle on things and keep them focused, and limit every meeting to a maximum of three topics. It’s worth your time to streamline your meetings, because, as Ying says, “good meetings won’t guarantee success, but bad meetings will guarantee failure.”