Traits to Look for When Interviewing Candidates

by A Sales Guy



In a post for A Sales Guy, author Keenan offers up a few tips on how to spot a superstar when interviewing candidates.

Keenan says a superstar should posses these four things:

1. Business Acumen

2. Creativity

3. Leadership

4. Drive

“To find out if the guy or gal sitting across the table from you is as good as advertised, you have to be OK pushing them to get real,” he writes. “You have to be comfortable setting the table and letting them know you don’t want canned answers, ass-kissing, or high-level generalizations.”

Keenan suggests asking specific, targeted, open ended questions designed to uncover how the candidate thinks, not just acts.

Another approach to finding out if you have a superstar, he says, is to ask them to share examples outside of work, i.e. their greatest achievement or a lifelong personal goal they set and achieved.

“If you want to know if the person sitting across from you is a superstar, stop being nice. Push the candidate, challenge them, challenge their choices, challenge their approaches, and then listen,” he writes.

For more on interviewing candidates, read Keenan’s full post here.

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