Tracking the Right Blog Metrics

by Content Marketing Institute

The interpretation of right and wrong is much clearer in the judicial system than it is in the blogosphere.

This is not to say that there aren’t metrics that are simply inappropriate for you. Not every metric will provide as much value as the next. For this reason, it’s important to differentiate between right metrics, wrong metrics and irrelevant metrics.

Your content marketing strategy should be relying heavily on your blog to serve as an inbound marketing aid and a content hub. Consequently, you’ll need metrics that are keeping your online marketing strategy aligned. You should always be metering the stalwart metrics. Page views is one of the most obvious, but make sure you consider the number of unique visitors versus repeat visitors. That matters. Also consider the amount of time each visitor spends on your site.

Without metrics, you would lack an accurate image of how your blog is performing. For more on this subject, read the full article by Heidi Cohen.

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