Top 12 B2B Sales Tools You’ll Need for 2015

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In the spirit of giving, we asked some of the top B2B sales experts online to share their favorite sales tools they wouldn’t be without heading into the new year. The result is a hand-picked list of game-changing tools that can help you and your team crush your quota in 2015. Have a great tool that isn’t on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

Favorite tool: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Greg Alexander, Sales Benchmark Index, @gregalexander


Why he uses it: Generating appointments with decision makers inside of targeted accounts is very hard to do. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool to help.

Favorite tool: Decisionlink

Dave BrockPartners in EXCELLENCE, @davidabrock


Why he uses it: Decisionlink is about articulating, quantifying, and developing your specific value from the very first sales call through the entire sales process.  It goes far beyond the classic ROI calculator and helps the sales person conduct role-specific, collaborative conversations about what value (expressed in financial terms) the customer should expect from the solution. It makes Challenger and Provocative Selling real, makes it fact and data-based. I’ll stop here — it has so much to offer, every sales person should be using it.

Favorite tool: Accompani

Dave BrockPartners in EXCELLENCE, @davidabrock


Why he uses it: Accompani will turn the world of relationship management tools on it’s head. It is a completely new way of looking at and maximizing the value you create with your customers and the relationships you have with them. It is scheduled for launch in the next couple of months, and it will be a tool that sales people and business professionals will be clamoring for.

Favorite tool: LinkedIn Publishing

Lori RichardsonScore More Sales, @scoremoresales

LinkedIn Publishing

Why she uses it: You have to understand that you are part publisher. You need to promote your expertise and to stand out in a sea of noise.

Favorite tool: TimeTrade

Miles Austin, Fill the Funnel, @milesaustin


Why he uses it: So those who want to schedule with me can do so without friction or delay.

Favorite tool: A large analog clock above my computer

Jeff HoffmanMJ Hoffman Associates, @mjhoffman


Why he uses it: Every great rep needs to command time and know exactly how long 5, 10, 15 minutes truly is.

Favorite tool: Evernote

Mark HunterThe Sales Hunter, @thesaleshunter


Why he uses it: Without a doubt, it’s the best tool for keeping all different types of notes.

Favorite tool: Contactually

Anthony Iannarino, The Sales Blog, @iannarino


Why he uses it: There is nothing more valuable to a salesperson than relationships, and Contactually does the work of reminding you which relationships you need to follow up with and when. Each day, it emails you a reminder of ten contacts you need to communicate with based on the information you provided. You want to focus on the relationship, and offloading the tracking makes it easier and more efficient to do so.

Favorite tool: AntiSocial or Cold Turkey

Jill Konrath, Author of Agile Selling, @jillkonrath



Why she uses them: They block online distractions so you can get more and better work done in less time.

Favorite tool: SalesLoft

Steve RichardVorsight, @srichardv


Why he uses it: For automating purpose-built prospect lists.

Favorite tool: Carburetor

Aaron Ross, Author of Predictable Revenue, @motoceo


Why he uses it: It’s for sales execs rather than salespeople, but it helps companies automate the Predictable Revenue process.

Favorite tool: The telephone

Mike WeinbergThe New Sales Coach, @mike_weinberg

Phones & Phones

Why he uses it: It’s been around for a long time and is often ignored, maligned, or abused. But when put in the hands of proficient sales hunters, it’s still an incredibly effective way to deliver your message, secure a desired meeting or move an opportunity along.

Bonus: List of Top Selling Tools of 2015

Nancy NardinSmart Selling Tools, @sellingtools


Why you should check it out: I don’t have one favorite, I have 49 and I’ve compiled them into a handy guide called the Top Selling Tools of 2015.

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  • Paul Ruderman

    Can’t wait to try Accompani, sounds intriguing. I have an alternative tool that many new sales execs – who manage multiple sales reps but only want short, quick, concise high-level updates on their reps’ accounts and prospects – are starting to use. It’s called UpdateZen.

  • speak2leads

    I use my own company’s app called Speak2Leads. It does my job for me. Whenever a new Internet lead comes in I get an immediate phone call with the lead info and a prompt to ‘press 2’ to call the lead. So every lead gets called within 30 seconds. Speed to lead is number 1 driver of conversion! But if I don’t connect with the lead on the first attempt, the app calls me back at optimum intervals until I do connect. I don’t have to keep track of who I need to call and when so all of the busy work is done for me. And as a result I close more deals! I encourage everyone to try it!

  • Trev

    BuzzBoard needs to get on this list, from discovering hot prospects by analyzing over 120 unique data signals of a prospect including social segmentation, to turning hours of prep into minutes of prep and research, to providing key conversation starting unique aspects of the prospects business that is sure to get the prospect engaged, to an unbelievable competition analysis matrix done real time in front of the prospects eyes, to presentation creation and proposal generation all built into one amazing iOS, android and web based app – plus buzzboard is a salesforce native platform with an app in the appexchange – you need to check out i bet you hear a lot more of BuzzBoard in 2015. Happy holidays!

  • Jeremy Charles

    Our sales team have been using It’s a tool that each rep uses to find and build their own targeted lead list. The tool then gathers their email address and social records by searching online.

    There’s a lot of value in selecting the correct CRM’s and ancillary tools to improve efficiencies and conversions to existing leads. There’s also a lot of value in finding a predictable, scalable way to grow your inbound leads on a per rep basis. has proved more then insightful but a game-changer in how we’ve empowered our team to reach out to new leads.

    Another shout out to who we use for our CRM management. It’s an amazing plugin to gmail which turns your inbox into a CRM tool.

  • AngelaC

    We use Showcase Sales apps to organize all our marketing materials, manage our catalog, and take orders. Our sales teams can use it on laptops and mobile devices, and our marketing teams can update all the info in an instant.

  • Great list, thanks Devon. I think some tools that I would add as essential for B2B sales professionals are Rapportive, Charlie App, Datanyze and PersistIQ.

  • The anti-social tool is definitely useful for some of my clients who can’t “turn-off” Facebook.

    • Steve Santy

      Take a lot at and . They are great prospecting tool!

  • A Subramani

    We use Bsharp ( Its a mobile sales cum training app. We use it to deploy training content as well as client data for our sales team. It isn’t cheap but we are extremely happy with the results. The sales team gets all account information and product demos on the phone.

  • Kei Reyes + Zapier is probably the best tool set combination any sales team can have.

    With AeroLeads, I can pull the prospecting list, find the emails and phone numbers of businesses and with, I can transfer that data to SalesForce, mailchimp, Zoho etc

    I also uses Rapportive and SideKick with Streak for gmail for outreach campaigns.

  • That’s a gr8 roundup Devon. This list contains sales tools for each stage of customer acquisition(lead generation, lead nurturing, lead qualification and sales closing). Well, I would like to add a new list of sales tools for 2016:

    • Myriam Caron

      Thanks Kalpesh, for sharing another list of such useful sales tools. I like SalesHandy the most from your list. I have been able to track all my emails & commute with my team with ease through file sharing feature.

  • Hi Devon, did you by any chance try to prospect on LinkedIn?

  • Loredana Qv.

    @salestoolsio the #1 Customer Acquisition Platform @salesforce @zapier @sugarcrm (LinkedIn, Xing, Crunchbase,Github) – I’m sure you know that Oracle, Microsoft and many others are using it for their Prospecting. Register for the weekly webinars here

    • Kevin Conseil

      Used and recently switch to @salestoolsio. Great software with up to 80% verified email addresses.

  • Marah Sayaman

    Thank you for putting together this great list, Devon. There’s a lot of tools here that I think my team can benefit from! If you or your readers are looking for something to revolutionize your calls, give Tenfold a try. Tenfold is a phone intelligence platform that integrates CRMs and phone systems quickly, enabling companies to personalize calls, capture call data, and just overall enhance prospect and customer interactions. Hope you check us out!

  • Josh Rhodes

    Great list of tool! I wasnt aware of many Sales tools ! Shout out to tools like AeroLeads and RainClutch works with chrome plugins to take your prospecting to next level.