Meet the Top 50 PR Influencers in Tech

by Business Insider

Who are the PR influencers behind some of the biggest names in tech? Meet the people who shape the message for Apple, Facebook, and more.

pr influencersThe CEOs of Silicon Valley’s most successful startups are never far from the tech spotlight, but Matt Lynley of Business Insider knows that “behind every high-powered technology company and executive is usually a man or woman (and often a team) making sure the company’s message is coming off correctly.” Business Insider ranked the top 50 PR influencers in the tech industry, measured by their influence, effectiveness and network.

Ranked as the #1 PR influencer is Margit Wennmachers of Andreessen Horowitz, one of the leading venture capital firms in the Valley. Wennmachers earns the top spot thanks to her  status as the “straight-talking, super-connected information hub of Silicon Valley” who can always “point you to the exact person you need to know.”

Elliot Schrage of Facebook gets #2 in light of his track record navigating legal issues, including the quiet period before the company’s IPO and testimony before congress when he worked for Google.

Another big name in the top 10 is Katie Cotton, Apple’s communications chief who “works relentlessly to ensure that the company has a crisp, next-level image that other companies cannot match.”