Top 20 Signs that Your Outbound Prospecting Rep is a Freaking Rockstar

Devon-McDonald by

Every now and then, you come across an outbound prospecting rep who displays qualities that makes him/her a true champion.

They are positive, hardworking, competitive, focused, and driven individuals — and he or she has the ability to take your team, and your sales pipeline, to new heights. If your interviewing strategy is stringent enough you will hopefully be able to find candidates who display more than 50% of the following qualities/habits:
  1. Your rep is at his/her desk in the morning on the phone before you (the manager) get in.
  2. He/she is quick to lend a helping hand to a teammate if they are struggling with something.
  3. At the end of the day, you see a to-do list for the following day siting on his/her desk.
  4. He/she makes every attempt possible to read-up and become an expert in his/her space (without letting research distract them from their daily goals/metrics).
  5. If he/she is having a bad day (productivity-wise) your rep talks to you about it, he/she doesn’t neglect it and act like it’s not a big deal.
  6. When you walk by his/her desk, Facebook is VERY rarely up on the screen.
  7. The number of connections your rep has on LinkedIn increases by at least five every week, and they are all people who are relevant to your business.
  8. If your outbound prospector is calling into a different time zone, they have NO problem adjusting their work schedule to accommodate.
  9. In your daily kickoff meeting/end of week retrospective, your rep is always alert and adding to the conversation.
  10. When you give your rep some constructive criticism, they don’t FREAK out, but rather take your advice and apply it without fail.
  11. Your rep engages with the sales rep that he/she is supporting everyday — whether it’s by phone or email.
  12. If the the sale rep misses an appointment that is set for them, your rep gets heated because they worked so hard to set it up.
  13. Your outbound prospector is a member of at least five groups on LinkedIn that is relevant to your business.
  14. He/she is known for making referrals for open positions at your company — and the candidates are quality.
  15. You never hear him/her complaining about using the sales automation tool. In fact, he/she loves it because it keeps them buttoned up.
  16. Your rep accepts that he/she is working at an expansion-stage company and that things change. He/she is agile, not rigid.
  17. Before your rep leaves for vacation, he/she makes sure that everything is covered/set in motion in his/her absence.
  18. During call times, your rep completely closes outlook so that he/she can focus on the task at hand — getting prospects live on the phone.
  19. Your rep makes the absolute most out of all leads that are given to him/her, and takes no prospect for granted.
  20. When your rep is doing something, and it proves to be successful, he/she shares the idea with the team.

What other traits would you add to this list? GET CREATIVE!  Anything that you disagree with on the list?