Too Many Hoops: Are Your Processes Getting in the Way of Productivity?

by Fast Company

Is a mountain of approvals, meetings, paperwork, and reports getting in the way of your employees actually getting things done? Processes are supposed to help organizations become more efficient, but overkill can send productivity down the drain.

“If your team spends its days asking for permission before executing, taking an hour to complete expense reports or time sheets, attending redundant meetings, or answering irrelevant emails, you’ve got a problem,” writes Lisa Bodell, author of Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution. In an excerpt from her book posted on Fast Company, Bodell describes five ways in which process can get a little too hairy, including asking for too many sign-offs, relying too heavily on meetings, and lack of clear vision and priorities. “Exactly when are employees supposed to find the time to innovate when every task or topic is labeled “urgent” and every deadline is ASAP?” Bodell asks. For more on determining whether your processes are getting in the way of productivity, read the full post here.

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