Tips to Create Super Surveys

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Surveys tell the true customer satisfaction story.

Surveying customers face-to-face is the best way to gauge their real impressions of your business. This method allows for assessment of non-verbal cues, and a real-time exchange based on answers.

However, in this harried business world, this opportunity rarely comes to fruition. Therefore, surveys are often the mode companies use to find out what customers are thinking.

According to the “Service Untitled” blog, surveys must be “simple, easy to complete, and easy to understand” in order to successfully measure customer opinions.  This how-to post includes five useful tips to keep in mind when creating a survey.

Two super survey tips appear below:

  • Do not make it too personal: People do not want to answer questions that could invade their privacy. “Consumers are also concerned about spammers, advertisers, and general annoyances.”
  • Make it specific. Do not rely on general questions about customer service. “Ask what the consumer purchased, or ask about the consumer’s first impression of the store.”

For three additional survey creation tips, and advice on how to get your customers to respond to surveys, check out the full post. Honest customer feedback is especially important for start-ups, and surveying early adopters makes great business sense!

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