Tips for Attracting Top Talent and Maintaining Smooth Growth

by Fast Company

Get strategies for landing top talent and structuring your company to ensure smooth growth as more passionate employees join.

Doug Mack, CEO of One Kings Lane, discusses attracting top talent to your company in a short video as part of Fast Company’s 30 Second MBA series. Mack recommends you take a top-down approach. “Find your key executives early on, who are going to lead certain functions, and they will bring a network of great employees from other walks of life in their career with them,” Mack says.

He warns against the opposing bottom-up approach, which can lead to “an inefficient change process” when you bring executives in after hiring early employees for those same functions. Mack also suggests focusing on passionate individuals who you know will fit in with your company culture when looking for top talent. He even goes so far as to mention a referral program at One Kings Lane, where he provides “incentive for employees to bring other employees into the company.”