Tips for a Smooth Founder Transition: Working with Incoming CEOs

by GigaOm

When an outside CEO comes in, tensions can sometimes arise during the founder transition. Learn how CEOs and founders work alongside each other effectively.

Chris Albrecht of Gigaom sat down with Bunchball CEO Jim Scullion to discuss the best ways to work toward a smooth founder transition. As someone who’s “come in four different times as a new CEO” to run a company he didn’t start, Scullion has valuable, firsthand insight into the best strategies for a successful founder transition, and he shares them on camera. For Scullion, “it’s all about identifying good fit and playing to each other’s strengths.” After all, as Scullion states in the video, for entrepreneurs leading expansion-stage companies, “there’s a point at which the company has probably surpassed your experience.” Keep that fact in mind, and the founder transition process will be smooth from the start.