The UX Conundrum: Do Great User-Centered Designs Sacrifice Innovation?

by Johnny Holland

Don’t listen to users because users don’t know what they want.

Could that statement be true?

In Jake Truemper’s post about where innovation belongs in user-centered design, he explores the concept—and misconception—that product designers who focus on the user experience aren’t creating anything innovative.

“We can no longer just evaluate design, or even just create good design ourselves, we have to be able to foster user-centered creativity in our project teams at large to witness a truly user-centered experience come to life.”

In order to become more user-centric—yet still maintain innovative product design—Jake suggests extensive user research paired with a greater emphasis on design. That means allocating sufficient time and resources to brainstorming pioneering concepts with product designers.

Don’t just build a product, shove it in front of the customer, and scramble to make the recommended changes at the very last minute. Neither great user experiences nor innovation are conceived in seconds; you need time.

Read the full story to learn more about wholly integrating the concept of great design plus user-centricity into your product development.