The Truth Behind Numbers

by Deal Architect

How many companies are truly motivated to get to the root of their numbers?

And not superficially – but actually crunching numbers and extracting the truth from them? The National Hurricane Center is one such organization that has constantly sought to improve its numbers and standings. Their forecasts are getting sharper, more accurate and easier-to-attain. How many companies can lay claim to such accomplishments? Most companies are unable to even detail their attempts to keep their analytics clean.

Most companies don’t realize the importance of their analytics’ source. Primary data is necessary to get a true sense of the numbers. But many companies settle for Google searches or secondhand data. Companies don’t actively look to improve their numbers or the processes used to attain them.

How does this impact business? First and foremost, a sharp focus on the numbers could really improve the infrastructure. Some companies are doing it, but most are lagging behind.