The Transparent Company Culture at Square

by Mashable

Learn about the transparent company culture at Square and how it impacts their business.

Looks like Square got a new office on fifth ave

Emily Price of Mashable describes the uniquely transparent company culture at Square.

Price writes that “every Friday at Square the company holds ‘Town Square’ meeting where the staff welcomes new members and gives updates on what’s been launched throughout the week.” Everyone is either present or dialed in, including founders Jack Dorsey and COO Keith Rabois. Employees can ask whatever they want, and the top three questions that receive the most votes are addressed by executives at the weekly meeting. What’s more, “every employee owns a piece of Square,” and that ownership in the company “helps build the company culture and promotes collaboration.” The open atmosphere in the company extends to office design, too, as “there are a number of stand up tables scattered throughout the office” where employees are encouraged to gather and talk about projects. Read Price’s full post to learn more about Square’s unique transparent culture.