The Rise of API Marketing: Pushing APIs as Products

by ProgrammableWeb

As APIs become the drivers and focal points of a growing number of business plans, the shift is on to start marketing them as bona fide products rather than simply cool technology.

2012 may just be the Year of the API (Application Programming Interface). As Andy Raskin, Director of Product Marketing at Mashery, writes in a guest post for ProgrammableWeb, “From Klout to Instagram, at virtually every hot startup an API is central to the business plan.” The value APIs provide by powering revenue streams and brand reach is something heavyweights Microsoft and Google are beginning to place bets on by charging for API queries.

It’s the API’s time to shine, and companies are now directing their marketing efforts accordingly. Raskin provides examples of how leading API providers are applying marketing’s 5 P’s – product, price, promotion, place, and people — to get the most from their programs. From packaging API methods, rate limits, and response filters to deploy an entire line of API products to sponsoring hackathon promotions to infusing API programs with the company’s brand image, the best practices are still taking shape, but there’s no doubt that the race is on.

For more on API marketing, read Raskin’s full post here.

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Photo by: Mark Jensen