The Real Test is in the Execution

by Venture Hacks

It’s safe to say that investors and entrepreneurs don’t always see eye to eye.

Think of all of the opportunities investors have passed on. Then consider the numbers of investors entrepreneurs have steered clear of based on their evaluation of them. Everybody  carries some semblance of self-bias, so they may not be able to truly evaluate an idea objectively. An entrepreneur may ignore potential issues on the way to a dream payday, while an investor may cower away from a lucrative opportunity because of a minute stumbling block.

Consider what these differences mean on a larger scale. For certain, there will be issues during the span of an investment. But these problems aren’t usually resolved as a result of perfect planning. Instead, dedication and perspiration are used to overcome hurdles. Flawless investment opportunities are seldom seen. The synergy within a partnership is what makes an investment successful.

With so many issues to weigh for entrepreneurs and investors, maybe the focus shouldn’t be on the plan, but those that will be executing it.