The Quotable Innovator: Tony Fadell on Prototyping, Leadership, and Getting Results

by Business Insider

The guy who created the iPod knows a thing or two about building and shipping world-class products.

Tony Fadell recently presented at Behance’s 99% conference on creativity, where he provided insights into “how to prototype, get big projects approved, and when to ignore the experts,” writes Business Insider’s Aimee Groth.

Groth has put together a highlight reel of Fadell’s best thoughts on subjects such as creativity – “It’s that frustration to see the world, understand how it’s built, and ask why it’s not built another way” – prototyping – “When you actually make somebody really upset, you might be on the right track” – and strategizing – “You need to set near-term milestones…. Your team has to understand where they’re going. Your partners need to understand where they’re going.” For more insights from Fadell on prototyping, leadership, innovation, and getting big projects approved, completed, and shipped, read the full post here.

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