The Power of Positive Leverage During Investor Negotiations

by Venture Hacks

Negotiations can be a trying time for many, whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to secure favorable funding terms or a salesperson looking to close a deal.

In the end, unless you have a lot of negotiating experience, the entire process can be a challenge. But there are a few concepts that can improve your competitive positioning within the negotiation. When in doubt, says entrepreneur and investor Babak Nivi, just listen for the words “I want” to come out of the other party’s mouth.

When a request is made or a desire is expressed, leverage is lost. The other party then has the ability to use the request to improve their positioning.

What’s the lesson here? Keep your competitive positioning strong by not giving up too much ground and listening for the telltale signs that indicate an increase in your bargaining power, Nivi writes. For more ways to generate positive leverage, read the full article.