The Not-So-Magnificent 7: Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

by Inc.

For many companies, growth and marketing go hand-in-hand, but failure to avoid these seven mistakes can shut down any momentum you have going in a hurry.

Sales expert and author Geoffrey James has seen enough companies rise and fall to discern a pattern of what works and what doesn’t. In a recent post for Inc. he lays out seven major marketing mistakes that can be responsible for not only stalling revenue generation and growth, but in the worst case scenario putting you out of business.

For starters, James sets the record straight: marketing is not strategic. What it’s really all about is tactical execution, and as such too many discussions focused around market strategy can actually be a waste of time. Additional marketing sins to avoid include use of jargon and “biz-blab,” a focus on the wrong priorities and/or the wrong measures of success, and a failure to define qualified leads. For the rest of James’s marketing mistakes to avoid, read his full post.

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