The Newest Lead Qualification Program: OpenView Labs’ Operational Support

Devon-McDonald by

On Wednesday of this week, OpenView Labs, the strategic consulting arm of the Boston venture capital firm, will be starting two new team members in our 332 Congress office. These individuals will serve as Lead Qualification Specialists for one of our portfolio companies, Central Desktop. Central Desktop, is a collaboration software provider, and we provided venture capital financing to the expansion stage company two years ago.

Confused as to why they will be working in Boston, MA rather than in Pasadena, CA where Central Desktop is headquartered?

The OpenView Labs team has a tested Lead Qualification Model (check out our recent case study on the subject), and Central Desktop is the latest portfolio company to take advantage of the program that has proven to be extremely successful for other portfolio companies such as Intronis, Zmags and Balihoo.

Because these individuals will spend the majority of their day on the phone, mining through Central Desktop’s target segments in (our prefered CRM), and finding qualified leads (opportunities) for the sales team (closers) in California, the management teams of both OpenView and Central Desktop decided that it would be best for these new hires to sit directly in the Labs office.

By working with the Labs team members directly, the new Lead Qualification Specialists be able to properly adopt and adhere to the best practices processes that OpenView has developed for individuals in this type of “hunter” role.

As for product training, the new hires and I will be flying to Pasadena, CA next week to receive advanced training from the product and development teams, as well as from the experienced sales reps. This will be key to success of the Lead Qual Implementation: It is essential that the LQSs get to know the products and the members of the team that we will be supporting. Having served as a LQS for one of our portfolio companies in the past, I am commited to making sure that the new hires are given everything that they need to be succesful.

As part of the program, Diana Winings, OpenView’s Recruiting Analyst, handled all of the recruitment support for the LQS position, searching high and low to find the most qualified and capable candidates for the role. Diana managed to find/hire two outstanding candidates within a matter of weeks!

We are very excited to kick off the newest Lead Qualification program within our portfolio, and most importantly start filling Central Desktop’s pipeline with qualified leads!