The Naked Sales Call: Why You Should Bare It All


We’ve all been told to picture the audience naked, but next time you have a sales call maybe you should be the one stripping down to the bare essentials.

“It’s true,” says sales strategist Jill Konrath in this short video. “I’m advocating that you go into a sales call totally stark raving naked. But I’m dead serious. All those brochures and handouts you bring into your initial sales meetings are actually getting in your way of making a sale.” Konrath, author of SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today’s Frazzled Customers, argues that leaning too heavily on sales materials can cause you to go into a call with the wrong intention — of presenting rather than listening, of pushing info rather than engaging in a conversation.

“Go naked,” Konrath suggests. “At least that’s how you’ll feel without your collateral. You won’t have it to fall back on. Have a conversation. Discuss their challenges. Share what you’ve done for other customers.” You might be surprised how freeing a naked sales call can be.

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  • Agree with Jill. Sometimes salespeople rely too much on their material that they forget how to be personal with the prospect. Discussing it in your own words will make it more engaging than giving them brochures and leave the rest to them.