View the Shifting Landscape with the Latest Inside Sales Metrics Report

by The Bridge Group

inside sales metricsThe inside sales landscape is rapidly evolving. Gain insight into the latest changes by studying this year’s inside sales metrics report.

Matt Bertuzzi, Marketing Consultant at The Bridge Group, writes that the company’s latest inside sales metrics report highlights a few changes in management, buyer behavior, talent, and the status of inside sales in general. “Inside sales has changed from purely results driven, to metrics/efficiency driven, to a best blend of the two,” Bertuzzi says, partly because management has “less and less time to work with their reps on managing their pipeline.”

Bertuzzi also notes that customers “are more informed and there is more competition,” meaning that training is more important than ever before and cold calling has taken a back seat to more focused sales calls and email. New inside sales reps need more skills than ever before and reps are expecting more, so both recruitment and retention are even more challenging. Consult The Bridge Group’s inside sales metrics report for a more complete view of the changing inside sales landscape.