The Importance of Being Strategic with Content

by Content Marketing Institute

When asking yourself “Is content strategy really that important?” think about whether you’d trust, respect and follow a strategy that consisted solely of:

C’mon, let’s blog!

You need to be more strategic with content than that!

A great content marketing campaign is much more likely to succeed with the solid support of a well thought-out content strategy. Making the case for strategy is The Content Marketing Institute’s Kathy Hanbury. She writes:

“Content strategy activities are scalable and can be modified to fit any budget. You don’t necessarily need a large, formal content strategy. You just need to take the time to think things through and determine your goals, resourcing, workflow and success metrics, which can save you from the high cost of ineffective content.”

Kathy also argues that too many companies are becoming more strategic in their content development. For you not to do the same is to risk being left behind.

A content strategy’s cycle is made up of 4 parts. They are:

  • Insight & Analysis
  • Goals
  • Testing
  • Products & Tactics

Pick a starting point and work through all four stages while building your foundation.

For more about the complex layers of a content strategy, check out the full story over at the CMI.