The Differences Between Traditional and Content Marketing Explained

by Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing … you know what it is, but how are you describing it?

The Content Marketing Institute has you covered.

In a post that captures quotes from many different professionals, the CMI gives some engaging ways to describe content marketing and its differences from traditional marketing strategies.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Katie McCaskey says:

“Traditional marketing is to gas-guzzling vehicles as content marketing is to retro-fitted, french-fry-grease powered vehicles. At first glance the latter seems fringe and unworkable despite the former’s agreed need to drastically evolve to survive. Like the latter, content marketing entails individual customization, one-to-one conversation, and many-to-one collaboration to work successfully.”

Nate Riggs pushes value in his description of content marketing:

“Content Marketing has significant value in a few different ways.  For one, the content you create and distribute on the web has a much longer shelf life at a lower cost then any traditional campaigns you will run.”

At the end of the piece, CMI has a list of 11 qualities that characterize content marketing over traditional marketing, including:

  • Is more dynamic and easier to change
  • Has a much longer shelf-life
  • Maximizes one of your most important assets: word of mouth referrals

Add value to your marketing strategyditch the old hat and give content marketing a shot!