The Cloud Computing Revolution is Hastening

by BNet

Cloud computing has already been gaining steam since it’s somewhat formal introduction.

Adoption and usage rates are at all-time highs. The idea that pay-per-use software is so readily available has intrigued those that are looking for specific services. As a business model, SaaS and the cloud have introduced many possibilities for revenue. Outsourcing is a $75 billion industry at the current moment. That figure is expected to triple by 2020. And in India, the GDP is ballooning in order to keep pace with this growth.

The lesson in the States? Quality work is available overseas. The impact of this on the company strategy is undeniable. It simply needs to be considered, even if the company isn’t involved with the cloud directly. The competition certainly may be, and in terms of any competitive advantage, this needs to be looked at closely.

Ideally, there will be a fusion of sorts between the cloud and traditional software. Unless, of course, the cloud envelopes all. For more information on this subject, read the full article by Thomas A. Stewart.