The Bridge Group Provides Constructive Sales Productivity Tips

Devon-McDonald by

The Bridge Group has done it again — offering yet another free resource for inside sales professionals to access and hone their craft. The New Inside Sales Productivity Kit features a guide, 2 eBooks (one for the manager and one for the rep) and a video covering 10 tips for increasing the productiveness of your efforts. CEO and Founder Trish Bertuzzi does a great job hosting the video, and in a matter of minutes, you can take away a handful of advice to apply to your sales process.

While watching Trish’s video, her 8th tip really stood out to me. She tells a story about one of her golfing friends who would consistently step up to the tee, take a swing, and “drive” the ball 4 yards …to the left. Immediately thereafter, she would turn around to her husband and complain about the clubs — she honestly thought it was the CLUBS that were causing her to perform so poorly. When her husband finally bought her a new, top quality set of clubs she found that she had the same results on the course. The husband explained to her — “Honey, it’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian.”

This story is so relevant when it comes to sales reps. How many times have you heard your fellow sales colleagues (or perhaps even you!) complain that certain business tools were hindering them/you from finding new leads, closing deals, etc. I know that I’ve done it. “My CRM stinks!”, “My headset sucks!”, “My computer is so slow!” – It’s natural to want to point fingers, yet very challenging to point them at yourself. Trish points out — long before all of this amazing technology existed — PEOPLE still sold. Rather than putting the blame on an inanimate object, take a look in the mirror. What can YOU do to improve your sales process, technology aside?

Download The Bridge Group’s new kit and take a look – it will take you no more than 10 minutes to digest. Whether you are building a sales team at an expansion stage company, or managing a team of 50 reps at a Fortune 500, Trish and her team’s productivity advice will surely set you on the right path.